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Trust Central Florida's High-Risk Pregnancy Experts

Our top priority is the health of you and your baby. From conception to birth and beyond, count on our experienced teams to deliver comprehensive maternal-fetal care that eases your mind and lifts your spirit.

Guiding You With Support at Every Step

Our specialists will create an individualized care plan that considers your unique risks and challenges — and keeps your journey to motherhood on the safest possible path.

Your pregnancy may be high-risk if you:

  • Are older than 35
  • Have learned you’re having twins (or triplets)
  • Have pre-existing health conditions
  • Were high-risk in past pregnancies

Your doctor will consider your baby’s development and your unique health history to determine if you need extra monitoring or special care during pregnancy or delivery.

No one wants to hear the words “high-risk pregnancy,” but we hope you find comfort knowing that our team of specialists is always prepared to help you with specialized services.

At both AdventHealth for Women and AdventHealth for Children, our Comprehensive Fetal Medicine programs are designed to support your pregnancy day by day, week by week, guided by your Birth Experience Coordinator and customized care plan.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Cerclage placement and follow-up
  • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
  • Diabetes management
  • Fetal diagnostics
  • Multiple gestation management
  • Pregnancy loss evaluation and treatment
  • Prematurity risk evaluation and prevention

Caring for Every High-Risk Pregnancy Condition


Certain lifestyle factors like obesity (a body mass index over 30) and elevated blood pressure need a higher level of attention during pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are as healthy as possible. Rest assured that you’ll have the support and guidance you need at every step here, from managing pregnancy weight gain to lowering your blood pressure.


Gestational diabetes is a temporary condition that can develop during pregnancy in women who don’t otherwise have diabetes. Pregnancy hormones can cause insulin resistance and lead to this diagnosis. We ensure expecting mothers are supported and encouraged if they receive a gestational diabetes diagnosis.

Click here to learn more about managing gestational diabetes effectively and what our experts recommend.


We offer specialized care and attention to expectant mothers who are 35 and older, as giving birth after this age comes with a higher risk of pregnancy complications related to genetic conditions, diabetes and hypertension.

Click here to read more about how we care for women over 35 in this article featuring our maternal-fetal expert Dr. Rachel Humphrey.


If you’re having twins — or even triplets or another multiples pregnancy — rest assured that our maternal-fetal team will be by your side at every step. We’ll be here to answer the questions that come with a multiples pregnancy and provide the unique care, support and encouragement you need.


We offer screenings for many inherited diseases to give you answers early. A blood test can check to see if you are a carrier of a condition that could be passed on to your baby. In most cases, both you and the baby’s father would have to carry the genetic abnormality for it to be passed on.

Many insurance carriers cover this testing, although you may wish to check with your plan. Also, many genetic tests should be performed at specific times during early pregnancy. Our team will discuss your options with you during your early prenatal visits. 

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Orlando’s Dedicated High-Risk Pregnancy Unit

Our AdventHealth for Women location in Orlando is home to a high-risk pregnancy unit with specialized care and services just for you. Here, you’ll be regularly screened and monitored for any issues or complications, and your unit team will coordinate with both your obstetrician and the Level IV NICU at AdventHealth for Children and keep you well-informed along the way.

Mother and Baby in our NICU.

Convenient Access to a Level IV NICU

We provide the best newborn care in Florida, complete with state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), which can make a crucial difference when your baby arrives early or unexpected emergencies occur. Close by to us in Orlando, AdventHealth for Children is home to a Level IV NICU that offers the highest level of support for your little one when they need extra care after delivery.

Learn More About Our NICUs
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Design Every Detail Your Birth Experience Team

Scheduling your tour and planning your delivery day is easy with our Birth Experience Team at your side. Our Birth Experience Coordinators are registered nurses and certified parent educators at each of our Baby Place locations, and can answer any labor and delivery or parent education questions. Contact your Birth Experience Team to get started on your journey for you and your growing family, including:

  • Scheduling a tour
  • Pre-registering for delivery day
  • Signing up for parent education classes
  • Scheduling a lactation consultation
  • Selecting a pediatrician
  • Completing Birth Wishes
Learn More About This Team
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A Women’s Health Navigator to Guide Your Journey

A health navigator is a specially trained registered nurse whose job is to provide personalized clinical assistance and educational, emotional and spiritual support. Our health navigation team can assist with finding an OB/GYN, midwife or specialist, including a high-risk pregnancy care provider.

Learn More About Health Navigation
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Personal Care Coordination

If you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or fetal complications, you need extra support. Our Health Navigation Team will act as your personal guides, talking you through what to expect, scheduling appointments and connecting you with a Birth Experience Coordinator for guided facility tours. They'll be there every step of your health care journey with encouragement and expert guidance. 

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Our Mission Lives in Your Stories

At every step of a high-risk pregnancy, our teams are here to help expectant parents overcome challenges and welcome their babies into the world. Hear how we’ve supported parents in these patient testimonials.

Hear Sondra’s Story Hear Rebecca’s Story

High-Risk Pregnancy Experts Meet Your Team

Ahmed Al-Malt, MD
Keri Baacke, MD
Kathryn Berryman, MD
Stephen S. Crane, MD
Rachel G. Humphrey, MD
Mark J. Wehrum, DO
Jessica Fischer, APRN
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, High-Risk Obstetrics
Dr. Humphrey

Let’s Chat: High-Risk Pregnancy

Hear from our Medical Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at AdventHealth for Women, Dr. Rachel Humphrey, as she discusses a variety of pregnancy-related topics, from prenatal vitamins to high-risk conditions.

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An OB/GYN Hospitalist Team to Support You

Our OB/GYN hospitalist physicians and certified nurse midwives are clinical experts in obstetric care and gynecologic emergencies. They are on-site at our Baby Place locations in Altamonte Springs, Celebration, Daytona Beach, Orlando and Winter Park and can help in routine and emergent situations if needed. Rest assured that your OB/GYN hospitalists are here whenever you need them during your stay. Click below to learn more about them in a short video.

Learn More About Our OB/GYN Hospitalists